Five Styling Tips For The Man 5’8:

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No matter what height you are, it is always important for men to dress in clothing that fit them well. In a world where appearance is synonymous with personal comfort, power, success and authority first impressions are lasting ones. One of the chronic problems for men 5’8 and under, in terms of appearing properly well dressed is finding the right balance by guiding the viewer’s eye vertically. The fundamental rule of thumb is to avoid the appearance of visual clutter on the body, which shrinks the frame and exasperates the look of wearing disproportional clothing. By using a few simple dress guidelines the viewer’s eye will flow smoothly towards the face and create the impression of well-balanced clothing for your height, along with that nice coordinated and dressed for success personal look.

Three Classic Coats Every Man Should Have:

Tuesday, 05 May 2015 00:00;

When bracing the winter seasons, there is no telling the extent men are willing to go for that perfect fashionable coat, with an amazing fit and outstanding coverage. Balancing warmth, style, fit, and comfort can be an arduous task. But at Brown’s, we have an amazing outerwear department with a phenomenal selection of coats. Here are our top picks of classic coats every man should have at his disposal year in and year out.


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