Name: Tony Ropeso

Height: 5’5 ½

Home Town: London, ON.

Job: Project Manager

Client For: 2 years

When He Shops at Browns: When he needs something special.

Why: Loves the store.

Name: Bernie Fruitman

Height: 5’4

Location: Toronto, ON

Job: Chiropractor

Client For: 30 years.

When He Shops at Browns: Early fall and spring.

Why: Because it fits.



“All of your staff made my visit a special one. The help, expert advice and speedy service provided by the tailor were all very much appreciated. I want to thank you and the staff, for making my shopping in Toronto a great pleasure!”

- Maurice Stefano



“ I looked everywhere yesterday, you name it; no one could help me with finding a suit to fit my husband. Needless to say, everything my husband Steve put on was just about a perfect fit, so unusual for him. We are now never going to go shopping anywhere else for Steve other than Brown’s.”

- Mrs. Tammie Bohunicky



“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the wonderful purchase experience and service I received. I have purchased three suits elsewhere prior to this; none of which ever really fit right, even after being tailored. I was most pleased with the suit, your staff, and your tailor said it was as near perfect a fit as he had ever seen.“

- Gary C. Duma



Confessions of a Short Advertising Man:

“Clothing was never a “thing” in my life, because nothing fit that great anyways. Things have changed for me. I visited Short Man. I was amazed. I was excited, I flipped. Everything was made for me. Me. The sleeves were right. All the pants fit. The shirts were dead on. Nothing had to be left there for alterations. The elbows were where the elbows should be, opposite to my elbows. I didn’t have to crouch to reach the bottom of the pockets in the pants or overcoats. Everything was made for me.

I have never in my 55 years felt so catered to. I felt like a KING. My lady agreed. I felt great. It was the first time I ever enjoyed trying on clothes. As a matter of fact, it was the best time I’d ever had with clothes on.

The people at Short Man were super. One nice thing is, none of them were overly tall. I liked that because shorter people understand shorter people. They can relate better. Giants can’t feel the needs of “shorties”, they’ve got their own problems. I felt at home, really comfortable. Another bonus was meeting and talking to people shorter than me. It was a nice new experience.

Short Man is more than just another clothing store. Short Man is an experience. I strongly urge my colleagues in the advertising profession, or any profession to visit Short Man for a fantastic fit, probably the first in your life.”

-          Ken Borden, 5'1



Confessions of A Creative Director:

My specialty is in creative strategy and strategic creative story building with simple and innovative solutions. So I needed a simple solution to find sophisticated casual clothes to fit my lifestyle. I found Brown’s. It is my destination store because I have found the fashion and the fit!

-          A. Wolch 5’6



Confessions of a Jazz Musician

As a jazz musician, clothes have always been important to me, both on stage and in my day-to-day life. Over the years, I’ve spent a small fortune buying clothes and having them altered, rarely achieving the fit I hoped for. For years, I heard the ads, but avoided Brown’s. Eventually, curiosity got the better of me and I ventured in. As soon as I slipped on the sport jacket, I realized all of the time and money I had wasted. Here is an entire store filled with stylish and high quality clothes that I can wear off the rack. What a revelation! It’s not just the sleeves and body length, but the overall cut that makes the difference. They look and feel great!”

-          Chase Sanborn, 5’5


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