Brown’s is a family-run business that has been serving the Toronto community for almost a century. In 1928, Willie Brown opened a second-hand clothing store at 545 Queen St W. in Toronto. Trained as a tailor in his native Poland, he decided to carry on in his familiar trade.

Customer service and attention to detail were Willie's passion and first considerations. When Willie's son Lou was ready to enter the business, a decision was made to carry only new clothing. Side by side, father and son worked; and as Toronto grew, so did the business

Just like his father, Lou carefully watched the business and when the time was right, made his own changes. For years, he had been serving shorter men. He noticed they had difficulty purchasing clothing, without spending a king’s ransom on tailoring charges or made-to-measure suits. With Lou’s reputation within the industry, combined with his expertise, he went to his manufacturers and provided them with the exact measurements for garments perfectly proportioned for men under 5’8. In a world where bigger is usually thought of as better, where height is synonymous with authority and where anything outside the range of “average” is hard to find, shorter men have had to make do with buying clothing that was never quite right. Pockets were always just beyond reach, sleeves ended at the fingertips not wrists, and pants had to have several inches cut off the bottom. The list of fit problems was endless.

He decided to open a division that would cater exclusively to the shorter gentlemen 5'8 and under. In the seventies, Lou introduced the unique concept of 'Short Man' to Toronto: niche marketing years ahead of its time. As with all good ideas, the division grew and became so successful that finally the name was officially changed to “Short Man Brown's.” As Toronto had grown, so to had Brown’s.

All of our life-long customers are a valued part of the very interesting fabric of history that Browns is proud to be apart of. Over the generations, the Brown's tradition continues to evolve with men’s clothing from around the world, making “Brown’s A Short Man’s World” the top specialty retailer for the shorter man.


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